6 HP Graves Cotton Power Weeder

Technical Specification Engine Single cylinder, Air cooled, Over head valuve, 4 stroke cycle, 5520DI Diesel engine Clutch Dry cone type Transmission By Gears in Oil bath Wheels Axle Releasing the wheels by handles placed lever Power take off Singke with 664 RPM by hoeing Handle Bar Adjustable in many positions & turning to 1800 Rotary Tiller 56 mm Reducible to 28mm with tie rods - rapid connection Safety Device Automatic Rotary Tiller 

NOTE: Please note that as the material is heavy, couriers will not accept the material so this material will be sent by transport and the transportation cost will be paid by the buyer.

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6 HP Graves Cotton Power Weeder

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  • Brand: Om Agro World
  • Model 6 HP Graves Cotton Power Weeder
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  • ₹85,424
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