ASPEE Duro Tekk Agro Sprayer 708B

Suitable for row & ground crops like cotton, soybean, vegetables, tea & coffee plantations, orchards & tall trees.

High density polyethylene tank 20 lit. Capacity with clean out port, adjustable shoulder straps with cushion, 110cm. long high pressure delivery hose, heavy duty 3 ft. Long brass spray gun, forced air cooled 25.6cc petrol engine with reciprocating type brass metal pump & gear box.

Model: UB002B/AP

Engine Type: 2 stroke , forced air cooled petrol engine

Displacement: 25.6cc

Carburetor: Ruixing diaphragm type tuning carburetor

Ignition System: Transistorized magneto 

Starting System: Easy start

Air Cleaner: Semi dry

Fuel Tank Capacity: 500ml +- 5%

Chemical Tank Capacity: 20lit. +- 5%

Pump Type: Brass positive displacement reciprocating pump (single piston double acting)

Suction / Discharge capacity at no load: 10-11lit/min

Normal Working Pressure: 100-200PSI

Maximum Pressure: 400 PSI

Weight: 8.230kg.(approx)

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ASPEE Duro Tekk Agro Sprayer 708B

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