Bayer Antracol fungicide with broad spectrum 250g

Antracol contains Propineb, a contact fungicide with broad spectrum activity against various diseases of rice, chilli, grapes, potato and other vegetables and fruits. Propineb is a polymeric zinc-containing dithiocarbamate. Due to the release of zinc, the application of Antracol results in greening effect on the crop and subsequent improvement in quality of produce.


Propineb interferes at different locations in the metabolism of the fungi; on several points of the respiration chain, in the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, in the cell membranes. This multi-site mode of action of Propineb prevents development of resistance in the fungi.

Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) Classification No.M 3


  • Antracol has broad spectrum of activity
  • Both contact and preventive action.
  • As a result of its multi-site complex mode of action, Antracol is particularly suited for use in spraying programs to combat and prevent the selection of resistant population of fungal pathogen.
  • Superior formulation: fine particle size, better suspension in water.
  • Rainfastness leading to better efficacy
  •  Availability of zinc – positive effect on crop as a whole and improves immunity of plants resulting in higher yields and improvement in quality.
  •  Safety: Being extremely low in toxicity Antracol is ideally suited for IPM programs.

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Bayer Antracol fungicide with broad spectrum 250g

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