Syngenta Amistor Fungicide 200 ml
Suspension Concentrate (SC)
Mode of action: 
Amistar works on the Respiratory system of the fungus, thus depriving the fungus of the energy required to grow, thus effectively killing the fungus

  • A broad spectrum with globally highest selling Strobilurins
  • Highly systemic Strobilurin, that provides protection to the complete crop canopy
  • Known to positively influence the crop yield and quality
  • Helps the plant to fight better against the abiotic stress and better utilisation of the nutrients provided.

Amistar delivers to the growers:

  1. Increases the flower holding capacity of the plants
  2. Effective kills broad spectrum of disease on a wide range of crop
  3. Makes the leaves greener and healthier

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Syngenta Amistor Fungicide 200 ml

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