Farmer Things

Farmer Things

Farmer Things :These are the things made by farmers with love especially for you, like hapus Alphonso mango, Indian snacks, pickles, chutney, ghee, organic food items, organic products, handmade soaps, handmade chocolates, handmade things 

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Dryfruits Laddoo

The Dink Laddoo or Gondh Laddoo is a traditional sweet, popularly made in different parts of India. ..

Akash Diwa (Sky Light) Out Of Stock

Akash Diwa (Sky Light)

Handmade Akash Diwa (Sky Light) is built with bamboo is an amazing home decorative pies ..


Anarse - Indian Pastry Homemade

अनारसे : Indian PastryAnarsa is an Indian pastry-like snack commonly associated with the Hindu festi..

Aram Khurchi (Relaxing Chair) Out Of Stock

Aram Khurchi (Relaxing Chair)

Handmade aram kurchi (Relaxing Chair) is made by nice quality of Bamboo material...


Besan Laddu Homemade

Popularly served during Ganesh Chaturthi, Navaratri and Diwali, Besan Laddu is tight in texture swee..


Bhadang Homemade

Our Kolhapuri Bhadang is a spicy Maharashtrian chiwda made with puffed rice. Its got a lovely garlic..


Big Multipurpose Vase - Handmade Decorative by Farmers

Big Multipurpose Vase Handmade Decorative piece, Can be gift packed Handmade Items ma..

Brush stand Handmade Handicraft by Tribal Farmers Out Of Stock

Brush stand Handmade Handicraft by Tribal Farmers

Handmade wooden brush stand made with bamboo material is home decorative pies used to carry daily ne..

Bullock Cart with roof Handmade by Tribal Farmers Out Of Stock

Bullock Cart with roof Handmade by Tribal Farmers

Bail Bandi with roof is a homemade home decorative stuff built with superb quality of bamboo materia..

Chakhda (Bail Bandi) Out Of Stock

Chakhda (Bail Bandi)

Handmade wooden chakhda is an awesome article for home decoration. ..


Chakli Homemade

Tasty World Spicy Chakli is a handmade snack made into a unique spiral shape. It is a spiced variant..


Cornflakes Chivda Homemade

Flaky, crunchy, spiced deliciousness. That's what the Cornflakes Chivda from National Chikki, Lonavl..


Decorative Bottle Vase - Handmade by farmer

Decorative Bottle Vase Unique designs, durable and attractive . Handmade Items made b..


Decorative Pots Handmade by farmers

Decorative PotsUnique attractive designsHandmade Items made by farmersBest for corporate gifts, Seas..


Decorative Wall Hanging Bells With Frame - Handmade

Decorative Wall Hanging Bells With FrameDifferent designs, Unique collection, Gift packing on demand..

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