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Namdhari Chilli NS 1701 (D.G)

This premium hybrid has tall spreading plants, well branched and is a prolific yielder. The lustrous..


Namdhari Chilli NS 230(2560)

The plants are very tall, spreading and virus tolerant. The medium long fruits (12 x 1.4cm) are thic..


Namdhari Chilli NS 238

It is an outstanding hybrid with exceptional yields suitable for both green and dry chilli purposes...


Namdhari Chilli Pragathi

Plants of this high yeilding hybrid are tall spreading, early (first harvest 60 days) suitable for g..


Namdhari Cucumber (GH White) NS 46 (4000)

A vigorous hybrid bearing cylindrical fruits ( 16-18cm ) each weighing 150g. The rind is smooth and ..

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