Chilli NS 1072(2572)

Plants are very tall, vigorous and virus tolerant. Immature fruits are attractive light green and shiny, 11cm long and 1cm diameter, straight and smooth. Fruits mature to deep red colour, highly pungent. It is a very high yielding hybrid, suitable for green market as well as dry chilli.

Hybrid type: 
 Dual Purpose Hybrids
Relative days to maturity(DS) - Green: 
Relative days to maturity(DS) - Red: 
Wall thickness: 
Immature fruit colour: 
 light green
Mature fruit colour: 
 dark red
Pungency SHU: 
 very high 55,000
Disease tolerance: 
 tolerance to virus
Length x grith: 
 11 x 1.0
 light green smooth, suitable as well as dry chilli

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Chilli NS 1072(2572)

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Tags: Chilli NS-1701, NS-230, NS-238, NS-1072, Pragati

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