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Hybrid Tomato Seeds - F1 Dragon (10GM) (DRAGON01) -3% Out Of Stock

Hybrid Tomato Seeds - F1 Dragon (10GM) (DRAGON01)

It is excellent hybrid variety in oblong segment, fruit color is red, fruit weight is 90 to 120 grm...

₹1,180 ₹1,150

Sungro Hybrid bitter gourd Aman (10g) Vegetable Seeds

Sungro Hybrid bitter gourd Aman Vegetable SeedsFruits are ready for harvest in 55-60 days af..


Sungro Hybrid Tomato Krishna vegetable Seeds

Sungro Hybrid Tomato Krishna SeedsPlant : Determinate plant habit.  Fruit: Fr..


4 Stroke Brush Cutter ( only honda engine)

Product description: 4 Stroke Brush Cutter (Only Honda Engine)Product Special Features :Elastos..


ASPEE V-2007 Knapsack Sprayer

Ideal sprayer for all field crops.ASPEE V-2007 consists of 16 lit. capacity injection moulded..


Blue Sticky Trap Mini

Ideal for monitoring and control of a wide range of sucking pests that affect plants in your home ga..


Bonsai Cutter

Description:Ideal for flowers & Bonsai Plants, producing a clean cutFeatures:Hardened Steel blad..


Bottle Gourd NS-421(439)

Vigorous plants with prolific bearing habit. Fruits are tender & cylindrical (30-35cm), each wei..


Chilli NS 1072(2572)

Plants are very tall, vigorous and virus tolerant. Immature fruits are attractive light green and sh..


Chilli NS 238

It is an outstanding hybrid with exceptional yields suitable for both green and dry chilli purposes...


Corn Flower Seed

GROWING METHOD OF CORNFLOWER:Cornflower is grown by direct seed sowing in pots.Sowing can be done in..

 Delta Trap In Stock

Delta Trap

Combination of a reusable Delta Trap with replaceable Delta Sticky Liners to trap targeted pests of ..


Dryfruits Laddoo

The Dink Laddoo or Gondh Laddoo is a traditional sweet, popularly made in different parts of India. ..



Description:For those who have to carry out hard operations such as forestry pruning or green areas ..


Fly Bag

A ready to use, pesticide free contraption that can be used for premises of commercial as well as re..

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