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Jindal Hybrid Bhindi Seeds(Okra Seeds)-Nagma-50 GM

Jindal Hybrid Bhindi Seeds(Okra Seeds)-NagmaColour: Dark green. Plant: 5-6 ft . 1 st picking : 5..


Jindal Seeds Hybrid Bhindi (Okra seeds) Karishma-50 gram

Jindal Seeds Hybrid Bhindi (Okra seeds) Karishma-50 gramColour: Dark Green . Plant: 5-6 ft .Fr..


Jindal Seeds Hybrid Bhindi - Aadi - 50gms

Jindal Seeds Hybrid Bhindi - Aadi Colour: Dark Green . Plant: 5-6 ft .Fruit Length: 10-12 c..


JKOH Bhindi 7315-F1 250 gram

JKOH Bhindi 7315-F1 250 gramPlants are medium tall.Fruits are dark green in colour.Days to the first..


Mahyco BHINDI NO. 10 vegetable seeds 100 gram

Mahyco BHINDI NO. 10  vegetable seeds 100 gram:With its lustrous dark green texture and the ..


Non Gwoo F1 Hybrid Okra Seeds Ankita 250 g

Plant Type :  Good vigor, Strong plant with 2-3 productive branches.1st Har..


Sungro Bhindi Hybrid 319 (100g) Vegetable seeds

Sungro Bhindi Hybrid 319  Vegetable seedsPlant : Tall plant habit  Fruit: ..


Syngenta Okra(Bhindi) Vegetable Seeds OH-102 -250 GRM

Syngenta Okra(Bhindi) Vegetable Seeds OH-102:Plant: Medium tall plant with good vigor and deep cut l..


VNR Okra(Bhindi)Vegetable Seeds DEEPIKA - 250 GRM

VNR Okra (Bhindi)Vegetable Seeds DEEPIKA  :DARK GREEN WITH RIDGES,LENGTH-10-12 CM,WIDTH-1.6-2.0..

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