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Sungro Hybrid bitter gourd Aman (10g) Vegetable Seeds

Sungro Hybrid bitter gourd Aman Vegetable SeedsFruits are ready for harvest in 55-60 days af..


Sungro Hybrid Tomato Krishna vegetable Seeds

Sungro Hybrid Tomato Krishna SeedsPlant : Determinate plant habit.  Fruit: Fr..


Corn Flower Seed

GROWING METHOD OF CORNFLOWER:Cornflower is grown by direct seed sowing in pots.Sowing can be done in..


Jindal Brinjal Hybrid (baingan Seeds)-Raina-10GM

Jindal Brinjal Hybrid (baingan Seeds)-RainaReddish purple in colour. Oval in shape. 55-60 days f..


Jindal Brinjal Hybrid Seeds (baingan Seeds)-Kesar-10GM

Jindal Brinjal Hybrid Seeds (baingan Seeds)-KesarShining dark purple with white strips . Oval in..


Jindal Brinjal Hybrid Seeds(baingan Seeds)-Lanser-10GM

 Jindal Brinjal Hybrid Seeds(baingan Seeds)-LanserFruit are oval in shape . Purple with whi..


Jindal Brinjal Hybrid Seeds(baingan Seeds)-No.1561 -10GM

Jindal Brinjal Hybrid Seeds(baingan Seeds)-No.1561 -10GMShining redish black in colour. Round to..


"P-S Beetroot Seeds"

A root vegetable packed with Fibre , Manganese , Folate and Vitamin C is the Beetroot. Also known as..


"P-S Coriander Seeds"

If India had a national herb, it would be coriander. Put it in salads or curries as garnish, in sand..


"P-S Drumstick Seeds (Moringa)"

Drumstick tree (Moringa oleifera) is an important perennial multipurpose vegetable grown widely in I..


"P-S Gomphrena Flower Seeds"

Locally know as makhmali or vadamalli, gomphrena is an edible flower from the amaranth family. It ha..


"P-S Green Chilli Seeds"

Indian cuisine is synonymous with the use of chilli and it is a pantry staple in every Indian househ..


"P-S Ipomoea Flower Seeds"

A member of warm-climate shrubs and trailing plants, their more famous member is the morning glory. ..


"P-S Lupins Flower Seeds"

The lupins plant is great for your vegetable garden because it fixes nitrogen in the soil. The leave..

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