Micronutrients Spray

Micronutrients Spray

Micronutrients Spray

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Cotmax - Micronutrient spray for Cotton

Cotmax - Micronutrient spray for Cotton CropCotmax : A perfect blend of all micronutrient in right p..

Ex Tax: ₹180

Cotton 40

Special Multi Micronutrient Spray for Cotton . It is the most popular multi micronutrient ferti..

Ex Tax: ₹270

Dr. Nutrient (Liquid Micronutrient)

Chealated Liquid Micronutrient:Dr. Nutrient is a mixture of essential elements like  Iron ..

Ex Tax: ₹330

Fertiliq Micronutrient spray

Fertiliq Micronutrient sprayFertiliq :Fertiliq is a popular multi micronutrient spray suitable for a..

Ex Tax: ₹250


Microhume is a multi micronutrients fertilizer enhanced with Humic Acid for foliar application...

Ex Tax: ₹260

Pulse Gold Spray

Pulse Gold  Spray  :Pulse Gold is a foliar spray specially formulated for the excellent yi..

Ex Tax: ₹260

Sampurna Gold (Liquid Micronutrient)

Chealated Liquid Micronutrient:sampurna Gold is a mixture of essential elements like  Iron..

Ex Tax: ₹300


SOYAGROWSoyagrow Micronutrient for SoybeansFor all types of Crop, Fruits, Vegetables, and FlowersDos..

Ex Tax: ₹160

Tur Grow

Toor ( Pegion Pea ) or Red Gram is becoming a major cash crop. because of high market demand and goo..

Ex Tax: ₹230
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