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Killer -Acephate 75% SP insecticide

Killer -Acephate 75% SPWe are engaged in offering excellent quality Acephate 75% SP Formualtion to o..


Lamdox-Lamdacyhalothrin 5%EC Insecticides

Lamdox-Lamdacyhalothrin 5%ECThe product offer here is 500 ml  Pack , delivered to your address ..



MahakaalMahakaalTriazo 35% + Delta1%..


Malathion-Malathion 50 EC Insecticide

Malathion-Malathion 50%ECOur offered Malathion 50% EC is a widly used formulation in public health...


NEEM 10000 PPM ( Azadirachtin 1% EC )

NEEM 10000 PPM ( Azadirachtin  1% EC )Neemban is an azadirachtin insecticide (1%), wi..

Neon (Dichlorvos 76% EC) Out Of Stock

Neon (Dichlorvos 76% EC)

Most of the Dichlorvos commonly used are insecticides and biological fungicide.Are of alkaline natur..


Nimban- Azadirectin

Nimban- AzadirectinWe are engaged in offering excellent quality Neem 1500 PPM (Azadirachtin 0.15% EC..



Oberon is a novel foliar contact insecticide / acaricide belonging to the chemical class of Ketoenol..


Paracron-Profenofos 50%EC Insecticide

Paracron- Profenofos 50 % ECWe are engaged in offering excellent quality Profenofos (Profenofos 50% ..


Pegasus Insecticide Syngenta

Pegasus is a new specialty, research based insecticide from Syngenta for the excellent control of wh..


Poloron-Diafenthiuron 50%WP Insecticides

Poloron-Diafenthiuron 50%WPThe product offer here is 500 gms  Pack , delivered to your address ..


Prime -Acetamiprid 20%SP Insecticides

Prime -Acetamiprid 20%SPWe are engaged in offering excellent quality Prime (Acetamaprid 20% SP) to ..

Proclaim Insecticide Syngenta -28%

Proclaim Insecticide Syngenta

Proclaim is a Naturally originated insecticide having powerful control at low use rates of Key lepid..

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ProfenSuper-Profeno40%+Cyper 4% Insecticide

ProfenSuper-Profeno40%+Cyper 4%We are engaged in offering excellent quality ProfenSuper (Profenofos..


Promactin-Emamectin Benzoate 5%SG insecticides

Promactin - Emamectin Benzoate 5%SGActive Ingredient:   Emamectin benzoateForm..

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