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Complete Home Garden Kit

Complete home garden kit contains 1-Seeds  (Bhindi, Spinach ,Birinjal,Methi Cori..


Dhanshri Tur ( Red Gram) Arhar

Dhanshri Tur is one of the highest yielding variety of Red gram ( Tur ) .This is a medium duration v..


Home garden vegetable seed kit

Home garden seed vegetable kit  contains :1- Bhindi Seed2- Palak Seeds3-Coriander Seeds4-Methi ..


Jindal Cluster Seeds(guar Seeds) Gavran -100GM

long cylindrical fruit in shape color: good green adaptation of all season maturity: 60-65 days ..



PlantSegment : Personal size Oblong Fruit.Fruit color: Black and attractive rind.Flesh color: Bright..


Syngenta 1522 CAULIFLOWER

Syngenta 1522 Cauliflower Seeds. Good Yield.Available Pack : 10 g ..


syngenta Cabbage BC-90

Features Maturity in 60 to 70 days after planting. Small frame with attractive blue green leaf...


syngenta cucumber crispy

Features G Fruit color: White with greenish tint. Fruit length: 14-16 cm. Fruit girth: 4- 4.5 c..


syngenta okra OH-940

Product details:BrandSyngenta India LtdColorGreenDriedYesMoisture (%)8 %OrganicNoPack Size100 GmPack..


Syngenta Radish Ivory

Plants roots are smooth & white Fruit Approx 10-12 inches with average weight of 600-750 gm. Roo..


Syngenta Sweet corn

Features Plant height : 5 to 6 ft. Maturity : 78-85 days. 50% silking : 53-55 days. Population ..


Syngenta TO-1057 TOMATO

Fruit  - Fruit harvesting starts 60-65 days after transplanting Tolerance to TYLCV Suitabl..


syngenta Tomato (Abhinav)

Plant Semi determinate with vigorous plant habit. Broad leaves with excellent foliage cover.Fruit&nb..


syngenta Tomato (HEEMSOHNA)

Plant - Indeterminate tall vigorous plants. Medium foliage cover with profuse branching.  ..


syngenta Tomato (TO-3038)

Plant Large determinate plants. Early bearing. good reflushing habits.Fruit Excellent earl..

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