Organic Stimulant

Organic Stimulant

Organic Stimulant for Roots , Flowers and Fruits, Natural organic fertilizer (organic plant food) , can restore healthy soil, Improve seed germination, increase yield, stimulate root growth, Improve tolerance to stress and climatic conditions, Bio stimulants are products of natural and organic origin that stimulate plants to achieve their highest growth and yield potential, these products defiantly improve the yield

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Dr Flower - Flowering Agent

Dr Flower - Flowering Agent , one of the best organic flowering agent for increasing the flowering o..


Dr Root - with Gibberellic Acid

Dr. Root is an ideal formulation for vigorous growth of roots . Dr Root contains gibberellic ac..


Dr. Fruit - Fruit setter for Agriculture

Dr Fruit is the best available organic stimulant for increasing the fruits . It increases the f..


EasyGibb-Gibberlic Acid 0.186% SP-

Technical Name:Gibberlic Acid 0.186% SPMode of Action:Plant Growth RegulatorMajor Crops:All Vegetabl..


Gibrostar-Gibberellic Acid

Gibrostar is an ideal formulation for vigorous growth of roots . Gibrostar contains gibber..

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