Waste Decomposer Advanced Technology

Waste Decomposer :

Waste Decomposer is a revolutionary product which can decompose the bio gradable waste quickly ,Waste Decomposer decomposes bio-degradable waste into a helpful compost for plant organism . Unproductive Soil, soil borne pests, unsatisfactory fruit quality etc , all these problems can be solved by using natural Organic bio degradable waste prepared from Waste Decomposer .  

Regular use of Waste decomposer is recommended .

It can be used in many ways , for quick composting of Bio-waste , for soil application in farms to increase the helpful micro-organisms , through drip irrigation in farms , also can be applied as foliar sprays .

Waste decomposer works as Bio fertilizer, Bio control and as well as Soil Health Promoter(Conditioner) 

Please note that , this is made from advance technology, to increase and maintain the count for longer duration, Liquid based carrier is used, so the product is in liquid form

How to Use :

1:      Take 100ml of Waste Decomposer and mix it well in 200 L of water and 2 kg Jagger. Stir it regularly , Keep the solution for a week.
2:       After a week use the solution to spray at your farms/water your land.

The Packet Contains pack of 1 bottle of 500 ml , 

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Waste Decomposer Advanced Technology

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