Out Of Stock Cotton Seed SHRIRAM 6588 BG II


Medium duration


165-170 day

Type of grain or fruit / boll weight

5-5.5 g

Leading competitor product (one or two) 

Rasi 650, 653. 773, 602

Geographic fit (If clear and specific):   

All cotton growing areas in north zone

Seed rate:

450-900 g / acre


45 cm X 10-15 cem ( Row to Row & Plant to Plant distance)

Season and suitable time period of sowing:

Kharif & April- June

Depth of sowing:

2.5-5 cm

Product USPs:

Excellent yield potential

Special requirements (Like):


Specific time of sowing:

April- June

Suitable soil:

Medium / heavy soil

Water availability (Irrigation):

As per crop requirement

Special nutrition:

Foliar nutrition at certain stages

Any other (Specify):


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Cotton Seed SHRIRAM 6588 BG II

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  • Model Cotton Seed SHRIRAM 6588 BG II
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