20-20-20 Triple Twenty Water Soluble Fertiliser

20:20:20 ( Triple twenty ) water soluble fertiliser   :-

   20-20-20 general purpose water soluble fertilizer is very effective on all types of plants.  Its balanced formula may be used whenever a more general formulation is required.  Its high percentage of ammoniacal and urea nitrogen will provide rapid green up and leaf expansion while the balanced phosphorous and potassium will encourage root and shoot growth 

NPK 20:20:20 improves the qualities of less fertile soil and increases the yield of plants. It is processed by our deft team of experts using excellent quality ingredients and modern processing techniques in compliance with the international market standards.

The product offer here is 500 gm.  Pack , delivered to your address .

Use for Agriculture Purpose only
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NOTE: Please note that as the material is heavy, couriers will not accept the material so this material will be sent by transport and the transportation cost will be paid by the buyer. (It's a transport to transport service, customer have to pick their order from the transport office.)

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20-20-20 Triple Twenty Water Soluble Fertiliser

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Tags: 20-20-20, triple twenty, Water soluble fertiliser, 100% water soluble fertilisers, fertilisers, npk fertiliser

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