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Okra Arka Anamika

Vigorous, tall erect and well branched plants, bearing fruits in two flushes. During the first flush..


Bottle Gourd Seeds NS-421(439)

Bottle Gourd Seeds NS-421(439)Buy Namdhari Bottle Gourd seeds  online at best price.Vigorous pl..


Chilli NS 1072 (2572)

Chilli NS 1072(2572)Buy Namdhari Chilli NS1072 Hybrid Chilli Seeds Online at Plant..


Chilli NS 238

Chilli NS 238Buy Chilli Seeds Online, Chilli NS 238 is an outstanding hybrid with exceptional yields..


Namdhari Bitter Gourd NS 435

Vigorous, prolific and continuous bearing plants. It has long straight (25-30cm) attractive white fr..


Namdhari Bitter Gourd NS 1024

Vigorous plants with prolific bearing habit. Starts fruiting in 45-50 days after sowing. Fruits are ..


Namdhari Bitter Gourd NS 454

Vigorous plants, start yielding in 45-50 days after sowing. Long fruits (20-25 cm) having dark green..


Namdhari Bitter Gourd( small) NS 451

Vigorous plants, start bearing in 45-50 days after sowing. Fruits are medium short (10-12 cm) with s..


Namdhari Tomato (Oval) NS 501(6H-81)

This is an ideal hybrid suitable for tropics with tolerance to bacterial wilt and TLCV. The determin..


Namdhari Tomato (Oval) NS 812(2341)

Vigorous, determinate plant with good foliage cover. Fruits are oval weighing 80-85g, and are firm w..


Namdhari Beetroot Madhur

Dark red, round roots weighing 100-120g. The variety has excellent field holding and wide adaptabil..


Namdhari Bottle Gourd NS 421(439)

Vigorous plants with prolific bearing habit. Fruits are tender & cylindrical (30-35cm), each wei..


Namdhari Cabbage NS 22

A tropical type hybrid with vigorous uniform growth and a maturity of 70 days. Head is round with ve..


Namdhari Capsicum (GH Red) NS 280

Tall vigorous plants, broad leaves, strong plants fruits blocky 3 to 4 lobed, good firm, 10 x 8 cm i..


Namdhari Capsicum (GH Yellow) NS 281

It is an early hybrid with tall vigorous plants, broad leaves, fruits are blocky, 3 to 4 lobed, good..

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