Micronutrient Mixture

Micronutrient Mixture

Micronutrient Mixture of zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, magnesium sulphate, manganese sulphate, boron, ferrous sulphate and amonium molybdate in perfect percentage and in scientific methrod , micronutrient is essential for all plants specific micro nutrients essential for avoiding and curing the micronutrinet deficiency, all micronutrient element are blended in perfect combination,

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Agrophos - Micronitrient Mixture - 10 Kg

Agrophos -  Micronitrient Mixture for Soil ApplicationIt contains all the micronutrient element..


Coffer M-50 Micronutrient Powder

Coffer M-50 is a multi micronutrient mixture in powder form . It is 100% Water soluble ideal for spr..


Nutrimax- Micronutrient Mixture Powder

Nutrimax is a perfectly blended micronutrients powder containing all the vital micronutrients . Appr..


RoseFert ( Rose Mix ) - Rose Fertiliser

Rose fert is multi micronutrient mixture powder specially formulated for flower plants.Special effec..


Sampurna Gold - Combo Micronutrient Pack 27 Kgs

Sampurna Gold - Combo Micronutrient PackIt contains Balanced Micronutrients that are essential for t..


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