Micronutrients Spray

Micronutrients Spray

Micronutrients Spray foliar spay containing all the essential micronutrients like zinc, ferrous, magnesium , manganese, copper, boron, molybdate , Plant specific micro nutrients essential for avoiding and curing the micronutrinet deficiency, all micronutrient element are blended in perfect combination, chemical micronutrient, micronutrinet powder, micronutrient liquid, micronutrient for foliar spray, micronutrient for foliar application

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Cotmax - Micronutrient spray for Cotton

Cotmax - Micronutrient spray for Cotton CropCotmax : A perfect blend of all micronutrient in right p..


Cotton 40

Special Multi Micronutrient Spray for Cotton . It is the most popular multi micronutrient ferti..


Dr. Nutrient (Liquid Micronutrient)

Chealated Liquid Micronutrient:Dr. Nutrient is a mixture of essential elements like  Iron ..


Fertiliq Micronutrient spray

Fertiliq Micronutrient sprayFertiliq :Fertiliq is a popular multi micronutrient spray suitable for a..



Microhume is a multi micronutrients fertilizer enhanced with Humic Acid for foliar application...


Pulse Gold Spray

Pulse Gold  Spray  :Pulse Gold is a foliar spray specially formulated for the excellent yi..


Sampurna Gold (Liquid Micronutrient)

Chealated Liquid Micronutrient:sampurna Gold is a mixture of essential elements like  Iron..



SOYAGROWSoyagrow Micronutrient for SoybeansFor all types of Crop, Fruits, Vegetables, and FlowersDos..


Tur Grow

Toor ( Pegion Pea ) or Red Gram is becoming a major cash crop. because of high market demand and goo..

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