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The FS 250 brush cutters are rugged lightweight traditional 2-Stroke brush cutter designed for all-d..

₹40,335 Ex Tax: ₹40,335

HONDA Lawn Mower

Self-propelled, variable speed Select Drive® Easy starting, powerful Honda GCV200 engine 4-i..

₹49,500 Ex Tax: ₹49,500

STIHL Bolwer BR-600

Top of the range, particularly powerful backpack blower. With very high air throughput for the most ..

₹43,400 Ex Tax: ₹43,400

STIHL Brush Cutter

Branded and marketed by Stihl, sold by exclusively Al-Ameen Machineries. STIHL is a trusted brand ..

₹19,500 Ex Tax: ₹19,500

STIHL Brush Cutter FS-400

Features:Vibration level right 2.2 m/s², Vibration level left 1.6 m/s², Sound pressure..

₹46,500 Ex Tax: ₹46,500

STIHL Chain Saw MS-170

Branded and marketed by Sthil Petrol Chainsaw with 30cc engine  MS 170 By Sthil with 2 Stro..

₹14,200 Ex Tax: ₹14,200

STIHL Chain Saw MS-180

The MS 180 chainsaw gets back to basics with improved engine air flow and shroud design. With its im..

₹17,500 Ex Tax: ₹17,500

STIHL Chain Saw MS-382

Stihl MS-382 Petrol Chainsaw is great for working in low-density and medium-density stands. Side-mou..

₹45,500 Ex Tax: ₹45,500

STIHL Earth Auger BT-230

Robust earth auger with impressive power. For holes up to 12” deep. Adapter available for use ..

₹27,500 Ex Tax: ₹27,500

STIHL Power Weeder BC-230

Features:Ergonomic handle design. For easy transport. Robust support frame. Handle fram..

₹24,500 Ex Tax: ₹24,500

STIHL RE-143 Pressure washing Machine

The entry-level mid-range cleaner for all-round use. Aluminium telescopic handle, front cover with n..

₹29,500 Ex Tax: ₹29,500

STIHL Water Pump

Stihl  Portable Water Pump  We Are Supplier And Exporter Of Mini Petrol Engine Portable W..

₹25,200 Ex Tax: ₹25,200
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