Nimban- Azadirectin

Nimban- Azadirectin

We are engaged in offering excellent quality Neem 1500 PPM (Azadirachtin 0.15% EC) to our valuable clients.

Physico Chemical properties:-
colour : brown liquid 
odour : characteristic neem odour 
ph : 6.5 â±0.02 
specific gravity : 0.98 
solubility : emulsifiable in water 
acidity : 150â°c

Mode of action :
Repellent,antifeedant,growth regulator,oviposition deterrent,ovicide
fitness reducer, reproduction suppressor
crop segments 
vegetables, fruits, home gardens, lawns, greenhouses, indoors, ornamentals, commercial crops, plantation crops.

Target Pests:-
caterpillars, beetles, aphids, leafminers, thrips, mites, grasshoppers, whiteflies, leafhoppers, etc. 
dose recommendations 
900 â 1000 ml / 100 litres

Application recommendations:-
1. apply as soon as pests are observed for better results. 
2. apply during immature pest stages for greater control. 
3. under high pest incidence, use product at short intervals
4. spray followed by a chemical application in case of serious pest outbreak in non organic crops. 
5. the formulation can be alternated with chemicals / biologicals if required. 
6. use the product in overall pest control program to make pests weak and make it more susceptible to insecticides. 
7. use the product to prevent insecticide resistance. 
8. thoroughly cover foliage or apply upto run off conditions. 
9. sprays during morning or evening hours maximise bioefficacy.

The product offer here is 500 ml  Pack , delivered to your address .

Use for Agriculture Purpose only

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Nimban- Azadirectin

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