BRX Barrix Maya Plant Development and Plant Defence

LenmgtBioactive Nanomeric form of Silicic Acid which is ortho silicic acid obtained from natural source like sea water, a very mobile element required for plant growth. A continues supply of this element provides a healthy and reproductive development of plants during all growth stages.

At Seeding Stage:-

> Increase seedling vigour.
> Increased seedling length & biomass.

At Plant Growth Stage:-

> Strengthens the vascular system
> Increase absorption of water and minerals.
> Enhances K/Na ratio, hence increases the plant tissues resistant to fungal & pest attack.
> Regulates the enzymatic activity, thereby reinforcing the plant tissue formation. Thus, increase in the yield.
> Increases resistance to biotic & abiotic stress.

At Flowering & Fruiting Stage:-

> Increase fuller flowers & higher levels of sugar in the fruits.
> Increases the production of antocyanin pigments & thereby inducing faster ripening and pigmentation of fruits.

At Drought Situation:-

> Increases photosynthesis by decreasing evapotranspiration from leaf.
> Reduces lipid peroxidation & thereby reducing the oxidative stress during drought conditions.
> Protects plants from extreme high or low temperatures.

Dosage: 1 ml per litre

Usage: 1 - 3 times

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BRX Barrix Maya Plant Development and Plant Defence

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