Nitroking (Flowering Agent ) for all Crops

Nitroking :  Flowering Stimulant, Yield Booster and plant Guard.

Contents - Nitrobenzene 20 % w/w + Silica Absorbent

NitroKing is a unique researched complex containing Nitrobenzene and Silica absorbent as plant protection. Nitroking induces profuse flowering in plants. due to more number of flowers yields are increased in considerable ratio. It also brings about vegetative growth and also reduces flower & fruit drop. Silicon absorbent presence in NitroKing gives strength to the plant and thus protects it from insects & pest and fungi.Due to presence of surfactants as carrier NitroKing has excellent wetting agent and spreading property.

 Dosage : Foliar spray : Mix 2ml NitroKing per litre water and spray on crops 30 days before flowering and repeat at flowering stage.

 For Drip : Use 1 liter per Acre as per above stage.

The product offer here is 500 ml  Pack , delivered to your address .

Use for Agriculture Purpose only

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Nitroking (Flowering Agent ) for all Crops

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